Wireless dog fence for large acreage, find the best ones!

The best device for wireless dog fence for large acreage  is the Pet Safe Stay, invisible fence on acreage and for big/large and small dogs. But there are 2 others which you should definitely check out below.

Whether your dog is horrifying or friendly pet, invisible fences are very helpful in keeping your dog safe and within the property.

The invisible fence keeps the dogs safe as well as the people.

The cost of this fence seems high but when compared to the physical fences it is quiet low.

The specialty of this fence is that it only and only keeps the dog within the area and doesn’t keep other animals in or out, that is because the entire set up is powered by the collar that is on the dog’s neck.

A bonus part is that these fences are easier to install than the normal fences that create a mess with the wires.

One doesn’t need any major instructions in order to put up the fence, neither have you to be a technical expert nor do you need much knowledge about electricity.

This set up is very easy to install and start.

For guaranteed protection and functioning, you should select the best wireless invisible fences that work for big dogs as well as small dogs.

The best of all the designed devices would be the Pet Safe stay and play wireless fence.

No doubt this is the most favored and favorite in the market.

The device is suitable for dogs who weigh five or more than five pounds and reaches quiet a long distance.

Like every other invisible fence set up this package also comes with a collar for dogs that fits large dogs as well as small dogs with a longs battery life that is re chargeable.

Of course you need to look for a product that is durable and can take over a large area. Along with this model there are a few other models that work just the same with high efficiency this, however being the best of all. Take a look at other models and you can decide whichever you might want for your dog.

3 of the best Wireless dog fence for large acreage for big and small dogs

Pet Safe Stay and Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, Covers up to 3/4 Acre, for Dogs and Cats over 5 lb, Waterproof and...

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This device is specially designed for safety purpose of the owner’s dog, meaning that it wouldn’t deal with anything else except keeping the dog within the area.

The invisible fence and the dog collar work parallel to ensure that the animal does not move beyond the fence.

Also this would protect the outsiders passing by as well the animal. The fence can stretch up to 105 meters.

The product is suitable for all the dogs that weigh around 5 pounds or more than that.

The package comes with many collars for many dogs and may come in handy in case one is damaged.

The collar has a long battery life that can work for 3-4 weeks and the bonus point is that is re chargeable meaning the batteries can recharge.

Thus you won’t have to rush every now and then to get new batteries or any other sort of advanced material for charging.

Of all the other gadgets this is the best choice of all as it is affordable in price, keeps your dog within the radius and is safe, guaranteed that the model would not disappoint and would be actually very helpful.

Pet Safe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, Covers up to 1/2 Acre, for Dogs over 8 lb, Waterproof Receiver with Tone/Static...

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This is another model from Pet Safe, however this model offers more batters and one single collar for your dog.

This model can be ordered online though you should keep in mind that they are rare.

Well trained dogs would stay within the radius as the device has a set up of different stages of shocks.

This would come handy if you still need to train your dogs with the shock set up.

The radius range is pretty high meaning 90 feet in diameter making it the best model for wireless dog fence for large acreage.

This would also ensure that your dog is free to move around within the boundaries.

You should be careful with the collar and the fence distance so that the dog can freely move within the property and not go too far beyond the property line.

The model has its own flaws as well meaning that it requires much battery power and you should check out for the dead spots but other than that it is ideal for large acreage making it the best for this property. One of the best wireless dog fence for large acreage.

Pet Safe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

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The Pet Safe series again hits the list with its out class model that is also designed for dogs to keep them within range, 90 degrees radius to keep a couple of dogs within the boundary.

The model comes with two collars and keeps the dogs safe however you may want to know about the minor issue that the fence must not come in contact with cars or any other metallic material as it may lose its ability and create problems however its still way better than the physical fence that creates a hustle while setting it up.

This also offers 5 different levels of shocks to keep the trained dogs within the respective area.

The only disadvantage is that this model is a bit older and not too advanced but that’s not something you really need to worry about as it is also fairly low in price and does not cost a fortune. This device is cheap compared to the others mentioned and easier to install.


These are some of the best devices for wireless dog fence for large acreage but still the best of all is still the Pet Safe Stay and Play wireless fence, the best for large acreage and for big and small dogs.

Also this model is the latest making it more advanced and powerful with its advanced features and latest style.

It plays a safe role and keeps your dog protected within the boundaries.

A highly recommended model for everyone as is the best in the market and among the buyers.

The model has quiet positive reviews that proves to the fact and ensures satisfactory usage with its outclass quality.

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