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Mimo Smart Baby Monitor – The Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor?

So is it the Best Baby Heartbeat Monitor? Let’s find out. Mimo Smart Baby Monitor a product of the rest devices Inc. has been a blessing for the parents. This product is obsessed with your baby’s sleep. Allowing you to watch over how well your baby sleeps, looking for its search patterns and providing with insights. Mimo Baby Sleep & Activity Trackers keep parents connected to their little ones in ways they never thought possible.

As the world is getting faster and more hustling, with both the parents trying to catch up with the world. And they trying to provide the best future for their kids, demand for tracking and monitoring for infants has increased.

With daily jobs, if your baby is having trouble falling asleep or gets awake in the middle of the night, means that your sleep is compromised. And this leads to grogginess and lack of energy the following day. However, gone are those days with the latest Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor that is a huge advancement in the wearable technology.

A connected nursery for parents?

Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor is a wearable device that the baby wears. It has got two sensors on the front and a little turtle that clips into the side. And it shows mama or dad their baby is breathing, skin temperature, body position (are they on their tummy or the back) if they are awake or asleep.

You can set alerts that let you know if the baby rolls over, wakes up, if there a pause in breathing and also shows the timeline that gives your deeper insights into what the baby’s sleep is actually like and how it’s developing and evolving over time.

Wearable onesies

The onesies are available in blue, pink, yellow and white colors. When it comes to cleaning, these kimonos are really easy to wash, everything is steam washable you just have to take out that little turtle-shaped sensor and stick it in the washing machine.

How does it work?

mimo smart baby monitor

The Mimo smart infant monitor connects with your smartphone and is easily accessible from anywhere.

It is shareable, it’s interactive, it is safe for the baby and very easy to use.

The Mimo Baby Heartbeat Monitor sends baby’s sleep, body position and breathing data in real time to your smartphone or tablet.

The sensors on the kimono pick up your kids breathing pattern and the Snap-On turtle sense the movements and temperature and send all this information via low energy Bluetooth to your phone or the synced device.

Age ranges and the tools

Available in 0 to 3-month-old, 3 up to 6-month-old and 6 months up to year-old sizes. The starter kit contains 3 machine washable organic cotton onesies. One low power Bluetooth transmitter and sensor in the shape of a turtle and WIFI and charging base station.

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor, 0-3 months

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Mimo App

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Focusing highly on keeping the information and analysis accurate, Mimo baby monitor made the app to empower and relax the parents by transmitting them everything the device detects. The app is in a very intuitive simple format and provides all the relevant information. The app shows real-time information about the position, sleep and wake times and audio streams. Stay connected and check in from anywhere. The App alerts of changes in baby’s breathing, body position, skin temp, and when they wake up.

With Mimo’s audio and push notifications, you’ll be awoken from sleep if something changes in the middle of the night. That is if you really need to know about. You can also get nightly snapshots and a daily timeline of how the baby slept, how frequently they work up, if any alerts were generated, and captures other notes you enter.

Mimo is made in the USA. headquartered in Boston, they ship out of Southern New Hampshire, with the cotton coming from Tennessee, and everything else hails from New England. They are a local company obsessed with parent-centric design and support. Ideal for the new parents, relaxing them regard to this new experience of parenthood. Finally, the peace of mind, just when you really need it.

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