Ideate your fantasies and experience optimum sleep with the “Sleep inductive” Ibandplus!

Iband lucid dream enhancer is here – Alas!! Was experiencing the best dream of my life. Was going on a cruise in Hawaii, why did I have to wake up? That’s the most common reaction whenever we arise from those sweet dreams.

But hallelujah, we can now live the dreams we most yearn. And those too with not that blurry vision but in the most lucid way.

Meet the futuristic IBANDPLUS that allows you to take control of what you view while sleeping. Delineated as the wearable that induces dream with customized audio video clues while helping them sleep better and easier.

Why Iband Lucid Dream Enhancer is awesome?

In the world where virtual reality is taking the lead and technology surprises us day after day. Expectations have increased about everything with regard to the improvement, advancement, and benefits provided. Be it mobile phones, health and fitness segments or even garbage bins. Sleep improvement, sleep tracking and smart alarms alongside the most vital and promising feature lucid dreaming is what makes this a very distinctive gadget.

What is lucid dreaming and how it works?

A lucid dream is any dream in which you become aware of what you are dreaming of without you actually waking up. Dreams occur almost every time when you are in that rapid eye movement phase, also known as the rim phase of your sleep.

In rim phase, your brain activity is different than the other phases of your sleep cycle. Ibandplus accurately senses this dream phase by monitoring variations in your brain waves.

Once ibandplus senses this phase, it plays audiovisual cues. The subtle external stimuli of light patterns via the LEDs on the ibandplus and sound appears the anomalies in your dream making you aware that you are dreaming without them waking you up.

Once you are lucid in a dream you can take control of your dream actions and consciously reshape the dream to fulfill any fantasy, your wildest desires unrestrained by the laws of physics or society.

Lucid dreams are vivid and highly immersive, once in a lucid dream, you enter a virtual world where everything you hear, see, touch or smell is as authentic as reality.

Sleep improvement with ibandplus

Sleep is very important to restore energy reserves and strengthen the immune system. Even minimal sleep loss affects mood, productivity, ability to handle stress and even bodyweight.

Sleep disorder is a reality. Laptops and mobiles emit the blue light. This stops our body from producing the melanin hormone leading to insomnia and sleep deprivation.

With ibandplus say bye-bye to insomnia, your morning blues, and grogginess, as it calms your mind and helps you sleep naturally with music which intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases.

This device tracks your sleep, indicates sleep quality and gives feedback on improvement.

Taking wakeup-alarms to the next level with the smart alarm feature

Ibandplus also has the most advanced smart alarm system that wakes you up with simulated natural sunlight and sounds at the most optimum period of sleep cycle so that you wake up fresh every time.

The band communicates with the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth allowing us to conveniently check sleep statistics and check improvement suggestions.

User-friendly App allowing for customization

Provided with it is a smart companion App. The app shows us body movements, heart rate and body temperature that the device records while we sleep. The app accompanying the band steps up the game. It does it by customizing the LED light patterns, brightness as well as audio cues.

Interactive and super-easy to handle keeping customer ease and comfort at the core of this device, the hardware has been at the center of the invention. A very fine headband strap made of high quality soft and breathable fabric for superior comfort is primal to its distinction. Dry EEG electrodes are installed in the band.

They measure brain waves, which are the summed electrical activities of many neurons. There is a 4.0 Bluetooth module in the device. That is extremely low on power consumption allowing it to sync wirelessly with the smart App.

To cater all customer requirements, ibandplus has four LEDs placed at interpupillary distances that optimally cover all face sizes and types. The pillow speakers with lifelike sound make it possible to live our lucid dream. The pillow speakers should be connected to the smartphone installed with the smart app. Place the speakers inside the pillowcase under your pillow.

There will be two high fidelity compact 3.5mm headphone jack with sleek speakers with soft and anti-slip covers. The sound gets even coverage into our ears, thanks to the forward-facing design.


Ibandplus is highly cost-effective and promises to deliver wonders in as less as $189 on a single purchase. There are other special deals as well if we choose to buy more than a single article. Included in the price are shipping charges as well.


With future software updates, ibandplus could be connected to numerous smart devices including lights, door locks, security alarms and thermostats in your homes to simplify your daily life.

Experience lucid dreams, improve sleep, track your health rejuvenate your life and conquer the world as you wake up energetic, thanks to the amazing ibandplus.

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