A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide – Choose from the Best Electric Skateboards Out There!

Finding the best electric skateboard has never been easier, now that you have this post right here. Alright, so everyone knows that skateboards are never going to go out of style. They’ve always had a solid place in subcultures and the youth around the world and it seems like they’re just getting even more popular. And as things gain momentum, we all know that the competition for what the best skateboard is, especially off road skateboards and off road electric skateboards, rises. Everyone’s after the best thing in town and why shouldn’t you be?

There’s a huge list of best electric longboards to choose from but knowing what electric skateboard suits you best is the hard part of it all. What are the deciding factors and how important are they to you? Are you on a strict budget or do you have a little bit of leg room?

Choosing the best skateboard isn’t easy but with enough research, you’ll surely find your way around.

And if you ask me, it’s better to spend a while on the internet reading about the best off road skateboards than to go out, buy yourself an expensive one and then realize that it’s probably not the best electric longboard after all. And of course, the customization is a whole ‘nother thing you need to have an eye out for. Most people like having the ability to play around with their electric skateboard and if you’re one of them, you know how important that aspect is.

What Decides The Best Electric Skateboard?

Well, there’s a whole lot of factors but you can instantly tell with off road skateboards by giving them a good, quick look. Something that delivers value, quality and is going to last you a good while speaks for itself.

You want to invest in an electric skateboard that feels sturdy?

While brands are important and of course, every brand maintains a standard of quality, sometimes, you can get a better longboard at a lesser price range by reaching out to more independent brands than the big names in the market. That, of course, is not the easiest and it may take you a while to get your hands on someone who’s providing good quality off road skateboards, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be patient.

Here’s A List of the Top off Road Electric Skateboards You Need to Know About!

Boosted is a popular skateboard brand and one of the most respected in the industry.

Although they were only founded in 2011 and there are much older brands in the market, Boosted have earned a good rep.They’re based in California and their most popularly known for their electric skateboard range.

Not just that, if you know Casey Neistat, these boards are loved by him as well. Whether you’re looking to learn a few tricks or just want the best electric longboard for cruising, boosted have some of the most reliable off road skateboards in the market.

1- Boosted Dual+ 2000w Electric Skateboard

The dual+ 2000w electric skateboard first gained attention in 2017 and became one of the fastest electric skateboards available on the market. The Dual+ is for anyone and everyone who’s looking to have a bit of fun but wants something more than what you can find at your looking department store.

This boosted skateboards has specs that you may have never seen before! And when you talk about the price point, it gets even crazier. Whether you’re on a budget or not, if you want a reliable electric longboard, you have to invest in this!

  • The max speed is 22mph with a range of 7 miles during ECO mode. The batteries of the Dual+ 2000w electric skateboard only need an hour or two to charge and that’s about it.
  • You can get hours of cruising without waiting for your skateboard all day to just charge. It’s fun, easy and quick without breaking your bank.
  • Another great thing about the Boosted dual +2000w electric skateboard is that it works as a regular skateboard too.
  • What that means is, you can simply push this off road skateboard with your feet like you would with a regular skateboard if you ever run out of batteries.
  • Unlike several other longboards out there, you won’t be stuck in the middle of the trip if you run out of battery life.
  • You can still get to your destination comfortably and if you ask me, it’s such a relief not having to worry about the battery life all the time.

Yes, to some the range might be a little disappointing but when you look at the other specs of the electric skateboard, you can’t help but include it at the top of your list of the best off road Electric skateboards out there.

Lastly, let’s talk about the incline.

  • The 25% of incline is greater than what you’ll find in any of the electric Skateboards in the market today.
  • Regardless of the price point, the 2000w motors make it extremely easy to go uphill with your electric skateboard and

If you don’t believe me, you can keep reading below or do a little more research on the Internet and you’ll see that there’s nothing better than this out there.

  • It weighs 15 pounds which may be a pro or con depending on every person, but to me, it doesn’t really matter.
  • The remote controller is fairly simple to use as well and connects via Bluetooth.
  • It’s small and compact so it’s not like you’re carrying around a lot of weight and something bulky throughout the day. You can easily enjoy your ride and feel free.

2- Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + Standard Range Electric Skateboard

Okay, I know that there’s a lot of good brands out there and some may even be better than Boosted but just hear me out. The second generation of the Boosted boards is insane. Boosted has finally released the second generation after a long time. We’ve been waiting for ages and when it finally came out, everyone went bonkers. The second generation of the electric skateboard is hand down, some of the best I’ve seen in my time.

Especially when you talk about water resistance, braking and power, the Boosted 2nd gen dual has done it all. Just by looking at these off road skateboards, you can see exactly why they’re the best ELECTRIC skateboards out there and why so many people opt for these electric longboards rather than the brands that have been out there for longer and are well, you can say, “flashier”.

Boosted provides great quality electric skateboards at a price that a large number of people are comfortable with.

Although yes, the second generation is a little pricier, it’s worth every penny if you ask me.

Whether you go for the standard or double range batteries, it’s completely up to you and how much you’re going to be using your electric skateboard.

The Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard have much higher water resistance although I still wouldn’t recommend traveling on overly moistened surfaces for longer periods of time or often.

It’s just that you know it’s not going to break down by the first water droplet it sees. It’s okay for every now and again when you really must go over a moistened area but do avoid it as much as possible.

The braking power has also increased with these second-generation boosted boards especially when you compare it to the single wheel drive skateboard motors.

The Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard is easy to use.

The batteries can be changed easily by simply unscrewing a few bolts so you’re not going to be spending hours on trying to get the hang of that. You can also connect headlight, LED lights and smartphones which come on! It’s incredible.

The long-distance range is another reason why the Boosted 2nd gen dual + standard range electric skateboard is so popular among all skaters. 

3- BLITZART huracane 38” Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard

Influenced by the long board lifestyle, BLITZART has been creating electric skateboards in order to enlighten the same feeling in you.

They make sure that each one of their product is manufactured using high-quality products with accuracy and premium designs.

Some of the best thing that you should already know is that along with the supreme quality and ethnic designs, this model has accessories that can be ordered in customized colors.

This would give your electric skateboard a funky yet classy look.

Not just that but the wide platform is suitable for both adults and teens and people of any age can enjoy a ride with this off road skateboard.

This electric platform is constructed of a total of 8 layers of wood 2 of which are bamboo layers being the very first and very last layers and the rest six being the Maplewood layers.

For further protection and reliable use, the longboard platform is covered with grip tape for a smooth grip which means that you can ride without any fear and smoothly anywhere, anytime.

This layered deck allows you to be flexible and perform different stunts with ease. The board can bear the maximum weight of 250 lbs maximum.

The BLITZART electric skateboard is known as the best long board skateboard due to its great range and speed and this is one of the reasons why it’s getting fame in the market.

You can swing and fling with this electric skateboard in style down the road with its maximum speed being 17 mph and a range of up to 10 miles with a single battery.

This model comes with a 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that takes around 180 minutes to charge (3 hours).

You can handle your electric skateboard with your fingertips using the ergonomic remote that comes with it.

This is a comfortable device that allows you to control the skateboard’s actions with a simple touch.

This device is ideal for beginners and youngsters which makes the use of this off road skateboard easy.

A bonus point is that this remote has a wrist strap that keeps the remote adjusted and prevents it from falling while you’re having your ride. Work out your acceleration, deceleration and breaks with simple touches.

This electric board is quite light in weight so if you’re out of power you can easily carry it in your hand.

This model has tires made up polyurethane which makes the ride comfortable and easier.

Also, the tires come in four different colors so you can change them according to your mood and will. This would add more fun to your stunts and you can swing about in style.

This device has a hub motor which is reliable and doesn’t cause problems meaning that these motors are much more durable and also gives the board an aesthetic look.

This also means that your long board can take a kick like regular boards and works just as good.

This model comes all assembled which means that this is ready to use.

This product has dimensions of 38 x 10 x 5.5 inches and weighs around 13 pounds.

This is the best off road skateboard as it not only has an aesthetic design but is also a top class in the matters of quality and reliability.

Customized accessories and the large platform layered with grip tape for proper grip.

All these qualities add fun to your ride and make it look funky.

The ergonomic remote makes your surfing easier and you have all the controlling on your fingertips.

This is what we have concluded and these are the reasons why they are getting fame in the market and among longboard skateboard enthusiasts. 

4- Airwheel M3 Electric Long board Skateboard Controlled by Handhold Wireless Remote and Support Bluetooth Connection to Smart Phone APP

Airwheel has been a reputable brand since 2004 and has manufactured various high-class products such as skateboards, hoverboards, and other gadgets.

Airwheel has been working hard in the last few years to create advanced technology and scientifically manufactured gadgets and one of its outstanding results is the Airwheel M3 electric skateboard.

This stylish yet advanced board is listed as one of the best skateboards in the electric skateboards list.

Let’s discuss the details and the extraordinary features of this electric skateboard.

The Airwheel M3 is specially constructed with Canadian Maplewood and is around 32 inches in length.

Every one of these skateboards is handcrafted and checked multiple times to ensure zero deformities and then tested for smooth rides.

Now, this is to make sure you feel safe and secure while riding on this electric board with smooth flow and easy yet stable performance.

Moving to the construction of the board wheels, this electric board’s wheel is made out of all-terrain rubber and is built in thick masses in order to ensure reliability, stability and outstanding performance.

The wheels are 2.25 in radius and 4.5 in diameter.

These wheels are suitable for different surfaces so you can slide across whenever in the mood.

Due to these top class features and the keen construction, this off road skateboard is known as one of the best electric skateboards.

The top speed of this electric skateboard is 12.5 miles per hour and the maximum weight that this board can bear is 220 pounds.

For someone who is conscious about safety and stays off road or is a newbie, this would be the best choice.

This longboard skateboard comes with a high-quality battery and choosing a suitable battery is the main demand in the skateboard market.

On a single charge, it can travel up to 12.5 miles which is quite well.

The electric board itself weighs 25lbs making it the lightest in weight so if you’re out of power you can simply carry it in your hand.

Coming to the remote-controlled part, this longboard is has a Bluetooth technology to connect.

You can control the movements of your board easily with this remote whether it is braking, speeding up or down. So basically you have the skateboard at your fingertips.

Control your skateboard with your as well, the Airwheel app allows you to do that so.

You can connect to your electric board with a single touch on your phone.

This creates ease for you and for a bonus; this app allows you to see the full details of this board.

The power left, the distance traveled and other details.

This board can take injuries which is normal while using skateboards on a daily basis.

The battery of this device comes with a 6 months warranty while other parts have a warranty of a year.

This model is one of the best in the market because of its sleek design and outstanding features.

The battery management system avoids battery damage and short circuits.

You can monitor your skateboard anytime anywhere through your phone; this advanced technology allows you to travel into the new era of intelligence.

This model is not only high quality but also has a quite decent price.

The charging time of this longboard skateboard is 120 minutes (2 hours).

The model has a lithium-ion battery and can work in temperatures of 10-40 degree Celsius.

The model costs $399.99 which is quite suitable and a fair bargain in exchange for its top-class features and sleek design with intelligent construction.

5- Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric skateboard 4.4AH lithium battery, dual motor each 350W, 32 inches maple with remote control.

Looking for the best electric skateboard with all the necessary qualities and durable performance?

Well in that case, without any doubts you could always go for the Aloutte PHOENIX RYDERS electric skateboard.

This off road longboard skateboard won’t let you regret buying it. With all the premium qualities and intelligent construction, this off road skateboard is built. Aloutte being a reputable company has created many advanced gadgets, the PHOENIX RYDERS Electric Skateboard being a big hit.

This model is getting popular in the skateboard market due to its outstanding features and supreme quality.

This long board skateboard is constructed in a unique way with 6 layers of the Canadian Maplewood and a single of bamboo.

This ensures durable performance, reliability, and stability.

Also, this ensures that the skateboard works best even after several injuries which is normal when riding.

The model can bear the weight of maximum 132 pounds (60 kg). This board itself weighs around 9.92 pounds meaning 4.5 kg.

The dimensions of this off road skateboard are 820 x 270 x 125 mm which is a quite wide area so you can easily get over it and slide off with the wheels.

The wheels are constructed of polyurethane with dimensions of 70 x 51 mm.

This means that the wheels can bear high temperatures and work well in different terrains.

The hardness is 80 A which means they can take a beat.

This is one of the reasons why it’s getting popular in the market due to its use of strong material for durable performance and stability.

The strong wheels give support to the platform where you can show off your stunts and this long board skateboard would add beauty and would support your superb performance.

This model has a dual-motor each of 350W.

They are 83 mm hub motors and give an outstanding performance.

The battery weighs 1.43 pounds and the charging time of this battery is 120 minutes (2 hours) which isn’t too much.

With 4.4 AH/ 29.4 V lithium battery, this electric skateboard is efficient with high potential.

This lithium battery powered electric skateboard provides an endurance of 12.4 miles.

The highest speed is 12.4 mph and the distance that can be traveled in a single battery is 15 miles which is quite a large range.

The off road skateboards being so light makes it easier for you to carry it in your hand once the battery drains.

The slow speed for this skateboard is 6.2 mph so you can accelerate and decelerate upon your desire.

This makes your ride more adventurous and thrilling adding fun to your daily life.

The board comes with a warranty of one year so in case of serious damage, you can get the potential benefits within a year.

Coming to the wireless remote you can control the acceleration, deceleration, and breaks.

The use of the wireless remote is the result of the advanced technology making the skateboard of a supreme level with all the features and supreme quality.

This wireless remote has a capacity of 400 mAh and charging time of 2 hours.

Discussing all these qualities we can conclude that Alouette PHOENIX RYDERS Electric skateboard is the best longboard skateboard because of all of its features and the use of advanced technology makes it even more outstanding.

With efficient battery, long range distance and the remote control, this is the best electric skateboard that you’d find in the market.

With all the best features and top class quality wood and precise yet accurate construction, this would be the best off road skateboard.

6- BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000w Electric Skateboard

As we know that electric skate boards have been quite a style from the past couple years, many skateboard aim to manufacture the best skateboards. Benchwheel Company has done well in manufacturing the Penny Board 1000w electric skateboard as the best electric longboard.

Is this electric keyboard worth it? Decide for yourself!

The BENCHWHEEL Penny Board 1000w electric keyboard is manufactured using 7-layered bamboo and maple wood which provide an excellent and at the same time really comfortable grip to the rider.

This allows him to maneuver the electric skateboard more efficiently and responsively.

The deck is extremely lightweight along with the batteries which are placed in a slim and neat casing which does not give any look of something electrical device.

The lightweight design makes the product easily portable.

This electric skateboard is packed with a Lithium-ion battery which can be quick-charged in a one-and-a-half hour but a full charge will take three-four hours.

This battery operates the two 500 watt motors which run the electric skateboard.

It is considered one of the best electric longboard as it is very durable.

It has a wireless remote with it which is ergonomic and is also packed with a Lithium-ion battery and this can be charged via mini USB port.

This remote control uses 2.4 GHz radio which reduces latency effect in communicating with the electric skateboard and this is also a reason why it is called the best skateboard.

Coming to the theatrics, the top speed on a flat surface can be 20 mph with a very good acceleration.

Although some people may experience a wobble while accelerating, you will have to get used to it.

It has an excellent regenerative braking system. This means that each time you apply brakes, you gain a bit of battery charge.

Awesome isn’t it?

The acceleration on an uphill makes it somewhat suitable for an off road skateboard however it can also be called as the best off road electric skateboard because due to its acceleration, speed and traction of wheels it can easily maneuver over rough terrains and still not get stuck or heated up anywhere.

Coming back to the remote controller, an advantage you will see is that you will not have to frequently recharge the remote controller’s batteries as they are provided by Samsung and they can last a week long on a single full charge.

The wheels of this best electric longboard have a great traction and are made from Poly-Urethane materials which are durable and tough anywhere due to the elasticity of the rubber.

They are all paired with the soft formula 78a which means that the wheels will easily absorb a lot of vibration to give you the most comfortable ride.

This can also be one of the reasons why it can be called as a best electric longboard and suitable off road electric skateboard. The cons of this electric skateboard are that some people have reported that it wobbles a bit while accelerating and also have questioned the durability of the board.

Moreover, this best electric longboard will not connect to your phone via Bluetooth as it does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Still, you will have to get used to it because even an experience boarded will not be able to maintain his/her balance on this best electric longboard and it will surely take some time and determination.

Having got to know the pros and cons, you will decide whether it is worth the price or not.

This electric skateboard, which is considered as one of the best electric longboard, is priced at $299.0.

7- Koowheel Electric Skateboard 1000w D3M 2nd Generation Dual Brushless Hub Motor 5500mAH Battery

As we know that skateboards are on the rise nowadays, a well-reputed company KooWheel just like many other companies has manufactured an electric skateboard.

This electric skateboard is regarded as the best electric longboard by its company.

It is known as the best skateboard because it has many unique features which are stable than the others.

A great thing about this is that this can be used as an off road electric skateboard as it is listed as an off road electric skateboard too.

The 2nd generation Koowheel electric skateboard has come with more powerful motors, bigger and better wheels and a seriously updated motherboard. The deck of this electric skateboard is made by 7-layered Canadian Maple wood.

This is a type which is regarded to be durable, strong and is unique for its compressive strength.

No doubt it is considered as the best electric longboard.

Moreover, above these 7 layers of maple wood, there is a sheet of very high-density gold steel waterproof sand.

This particle intensive mass enhances better friction for the rider so he does not skid above the board.

Along with the toughness and elasticity of the board, the rider feels it very easy to maneuver this electric skateboard.

The grinding and CNC trimming work done on this board has given it a very stylish look which fits into any modern society.

Coming to its state of the art brushless motor, it will be an injustice to say that it is one of a kind.

The motor of this best electric longboard is designed in modules which not only reduce its maintenance costs but also prolong the engine life which enables to use this best electric longboard as an off road skateboard.

There are six brushless motors arranged in a lattice which allows improving the cooling performance and also becoming efficient due to this.

These high powered DC motors decrease the chip temperature resulting in a better performance of the electric skateboard.

These brushless motors are made up from best-quality copper wires which have been hand-winded which ensures that maximum power output is gained while the motor remains stable and does not get into any kind of problem.

An extra mile which this company went is that they put a powerful inside the motor which makes it much more energy efficient so your battery just not drains out easily.

Now when the motor is so powerful, there must a powerful battery too to power it.

Of course, there is a 18650 lithium-ion battery in this best electric longboard.

This battery outputs a power of 5500mAH which is a fairly high capacity for a battery.

This battery takes only 2 hours to fully charge and can give you 22-25 miles straight on a single charge.

The top speed of this off road electric skateboard is 25 mph on flat surfaces with a very good acceleration which makes it suitable to use it as an off road skateboard because its tires are very bog for better traction control and are manufactured by soft formula 85A of Poly-Urethane which means that they can easily not only absorb but also damp very big shocks and jerks to provide a really comfortable ride.

This minimizes the chances of the rider falling down when using it as an off road electric skateboard.

Similarly, to use it as an off road electric skateboard this best electric skateboard has its stents made from Magnesium Aluminum Alloys which have the ability to withstand strong pressure and compressive strengths.

It is extremely safe and durable and does not break so you can easily use this electric skateboard as an off road electric skateboard. Moreover, this best electric longboard also comes with a radio controlled remote controller.

This remote controller is charged by a mini USB cable.

This allows to control your electric skateboard’s direction and speed wherever you go without pushing it from your leg.

So you see, there is so much packed in such a slim and stylish design that no one can resist buying it.

This best electric longboard or if you want to call it off road electric skateboard is available on Amazon for just $649 which is absolutely not a bad option for a product like this.

8- Maxfind Electric Skateboard, World’s Most Portable

In a world where devices being lightweight and portable counts a lot, Maxfind has made the world’s most portable electric skateboard which can undoubtedly be regarded as the best electric longboard when it comes to lightweight and portable design.

This best skateboard can also be used as an off road skateboard as it is also enlisted as an off road electric skateboard so you can easily take it uphill or skate through rough terrains.

The Maxfind Max-C is super lightweight along with the batteries integrated.

The whole systems weigh less than 8 pounds!

This electric skateboard is equipped with regenerative braking which means that each time you apply brakes, you gain a little bit of battery charge.

The acceleration and deceleration is very decent of this electric skateboard.

You will not feel any wobble while increasing your speed or while breaking down.

This best electric longboard’s battery is made by the world-renowned company Samsung.

It’s the 18650 Lithium-ion type battery which can give you easy 10 miles on a full charge which normally takes a maximum of just 1 hour.

The deck of this skateboard is 27 inches long with an anti-skid surface to prevent the rider from slipping off the deck.

This best skateboard can reach a top speed of 12.5 mph and can go continuously for 10 miles on a single full battery charge on a flat surface.

This electric skateboard is also considered as an off road skateboard as it has also been enlisted as off road electric skateboard.

This is so because this electric skateboard has tire made up of from Poly-Urethane with the soft formula 80A.

This makes them wear-resistant too which means that this off road electric skateboard can easily skate through rough terrains and skate through puddles of water without its tires skidding or wearing off.

Moreover, this off road electric skateboard can easily climb a 15-degree slope without any loss in power of the skateboard.

An extra mile this company went is that they made this off road electric skateboard completely waterproof which protects its contents and batteries from short circuits and has also been declared safe for airplane travel.

This electric keyboard comes with a radio controlled remote controller which controls the speed and direction of the best electric longboard.

The remote controller has an ergonomic design which prevents the user from accidentally dropping it while riding and also the design is so much comfortable to hold that you will even forget that you are holding something.

Due to the responsiveness of this remote, the off road electric skateboard can be useful for even a newbie as it can be easily and quickly controlled.

A newbie can become a pro in riding this off road skateboard or precisely call it the best skateboard in no time when he learns to maintain his balance. The stiff deck of this best skateboard flexes and provides more stability automatically at higher speeds.

The max loading weight which this best skateboard of all time can handle is 176 pounds.

Yes, that is a little downside we see as only a handful of adults will be able to ride this off road skateboard.

It also consists of a 72 mm Hub-Motor which provides enormous power to the wheels while keeps the motherboard cool so that better performance can never be compromised.

You see that this is a fair device for any newbie who might want to learn to skate as it does not have a very high speed and nor does it lets anyone fall and minimizes the chances as you increase the speed. This off road electric skateboard is available for $245.99.

9- SWAGTRON Swagboard NG-1 Youth Electric long board V2

After hover boards, the most interesting, intriguing and best electric longboard introduced by the company is swagboard.

An electrical longboard is cheaper than high priced hoverboards but still a fantastic choice for a younger audience.

This electric skateboard is an upgraded design, more advanced and better than the previous version.

The best upgrade this electric skateboard received is that it has more advanced hardware and it is the most durable swag board that is yet made.

So What makes any electronic product desirable?

That it has a battery management system.

This swagboard has an advanced battery management system that offers greater energy efficiency, making it one of the best skateboards.

Moreover, its 24V Ll-On FE battery allows boosted board to go up to 11 MPH and up to 10 miles on a single charge.

What can make an electric skateboard even more appealing? Of course, a wireless LED remote.

This off road electric skateboard is controlled by a LED remote, which controls its speed, brakes and cruise controls.

On top of that, it also shows speed and battery status that simply makes it the best skateboard for young spirited skaters.

What could be better when the board offers to give you precision control, allowing nor sudden or abrupt but nice and gradual acceleration with steady and smooth brakes that nicely keep your balance on the board making you look like a pro even though you might not be.

Along with that, this off road skateboard is lightweight with patented Sentry Shield Design, so you don’t ever have to worry about anything since Sentry Shield technology is made to provide extra battery protection that exceeds all the safety measurements.

As for utmost sustainability, it’s loaded with a motorized wheel. Smooth skating, happy skaters.

Also skillfully equipped with designated grips for convenient carrying. In a place where you can’t or fear you’ll get hurt on the electric longboard? Hop off and just hold it in your hands, it’s pretty light anyway.

After so much what more can it offer?

Well, it gives you flexibility.

Only the best electric longboard designed to be less rigid and more comfortable that allows the smoothest ride.

How can it get better?

To top it off it’s also equipped with 7-PLY Canadian maple, crafted to increase stabilization and comfort while offering long-lasting durability. You can just ride into the future with this best electric longboard.

This off road skateboard is high powered designed to give you thrill you won’t be able to find anywhere else because, with this electric skateboard, you just need to step on, hit the throttle, and ride off with swag.

SWAGTRON, offering the best skateboard there is, is also committed to safety. The boosted electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the max. Whether you’re shredding boardwalks or crushing skate parks, this electric skateboard is all you’ll ever need.

After all, this said one wonders, “Does it need charging?” Yes it does, but the best thing is; it charges fully after just three hours.

But how long is the board? The only and best electric longboard is 32 x 9 x 4.5 in inches and weighs about 14.4 ounces.

Although it may be a bit complex and advanced for really young kids, but it’s the best skateboard option for teenagers and adults, not that kids can’t ride it but it might take a little more effort as compared to the elders but since kids learn fast; why not let them give it a try too?

This off road skateboard has so many advanced features that giving up on it would be too disappointing. It’s one of the best skateboards, especially if you’re looking for the best electric longboards. A must buy.

10- RIPTIDE Electric Skateboard

Riptide is a big-time power built in a small package. It was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient while retaining all the features that are also present in an unpowered board.

Now this off road electric skateboard was designed in San Diego by people who had been skateboarding or surfing their entire life, in short, this electric skateboard has been carefully designed for riders who love to ride by riders who have experience of a lifetime, considering this fact, wouldn’t a off road electric skateboard designed by specialists be perfect? It’s the best electric skateboard out there.

Riptide has a very serious drivetrain, with an 18 MPH top speed and 7 Mile range along with an 1800 W dual belt drive the riptide can keep up with the fastest going off road eSKATEBOARDS out there.

The board has a small frame but believe me it’s just fooling you, it has major power in it. Since it has a small frame of about 31” you can easily carry it anywhere when you feel like getting off the board and walking, just grab it by the built-in handle, carry it in your hand or in your arms.

You can also take it anywhere you like, due to its compact stature, it will fit in anywhere, whether it’s the car trunk, under the train seat or in your uber.

What’s more exciting about this off road electric skateboard is that you can even take it on the plane with you.

Riptide’s 97 w battery is precisely engineered to fit within TSA guidelines, so you can just pick the electric skateboard up in your finger, and carry in a board for the adventures.

This feature alone makes it the best skateboard in the market.

What else is special about this off road skateboard? Riptide’s drive train has the power to fly up to the hills.

How is this possible?

The board has regenerative braking which allows you to descend safely and nicely when you’re on a full charge.

Since this is one of the best skateboards it has to have a wireless remote. Right? The Riptide remote comes with 3 modes.

1- Beginner: this mode has reduced acceleration and top speed making it the perfect mode when beginning. The experts probably thought how not everyone is a pro especially when you’re just starting, so this mode was designed for rookies who want to learn. A complete safety measurement.

2- Eco: This mode has reduced acceleration and max top speed. It’s best for maximizing range. Once you’re past the beginner mode before you go into pro mode this mode is a must to further maximize your skills.

3- Expert: Finally the last mode is the expert mode and as one would expect it has max acceleration and max top speed. Just ready yourself and let the dual belt drive rip!!

Anyone looking for the best electric skateboard or the best off road skateboard? This is the best skateboard in the market. It weighs about 18.96 pounds which will give you a clean and smooth ride. If you’re hesitant or scared about riding it, don’t be, because this product will exceed your expectations.

While there is a lot of competition in the market for the same product.

There are just some products that catch your attention with their style and beauty, their specs and features. Riptide electric skateboard is that board you won’t want to miss.

It’s the perfect travel companion and easy to master with three modes.

What more could you ask for? Nothing, since it was designed by lifelong skating experts who already knew what more the best skateboard should have.

11- Moto Tec MT-SKT-1600 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard

The Moto Tec is a best of an electric skateboard that could easily be called one of the best-off road electric skateboard if not the best electric skateboards because of its design and other specifications.

The price is very reasonable for these cool specifications. It’s a board that one would love riding all day!

This is our review of the Moto Tec MT-SKT-1600.

Firstly, the build quality. The deck is made from 12ply maple which is nice. It not very flexible to absorb those bumps but they thought of that.

Overall the Moto Tec is built as an off road electric skateboard with a solid build quality and some other cool features for an electric skateboard.

First off, the Moto Tec has a system for taking shocks.

It has springs on all four wheels to make sure that your ride isn’t very rough.

This ensures a smooth ride especially when you’re off-roading.

Another thing that makes it extremely fun is the massive wheels that are meant for going on rocks and an off reading surface.

They are inflatable as well. The big wheels make the board high which is good, especially for large rocks.

When you flip the board, you see that there are 2 big motors a huge case for batteries and a heatsink to keep things cool.

The batteries are not lithium ion, which is kind of disappointing, they are Lead Acid which means they are big and heavy.

They do give you the option to remove the casing and have a check on the Lead-Acid batteries or change them if you need to.

The heat-sink also does a good job of keeping things cool if you plan on riding the board for a long period of time.

Another cool thing about this board is that its water resistant.

Again, it’s water-resistant, not water-proof, which means that it can prevent some water from entering the components but that doesn’t mean you purposely ride it in the rain or drive into puddles.

Let’s get the specifications down now. It has 2 800 Watts motor which means it has 1600 Watts.

According to the manufacturer, this thing can go up to 18-22 miles per hour depending on the weight of the rider which is more than enough to get goosebumps.

The board is belt driven which is fine. It has a 36 Volt 14 AH battery which is nice. You can top it up in 3 to 5 hours.

The board has 2 different kinds of modes which are slow and fast. They have different top speed and you can change them using the remote.

Speaking of the remote, it’s shaped like a gun which makes it weird. The remote isn’t of the best quality but it gets the job done. It tells you your speed, the mode, and other things.

So, coming to the off reading. Off roading on this board is fun because it’s meant for that.

It has springs and huge wheels for riding on rough terrains. Because of these amazing features in the board, we think it’s one of the best off roading boards you can buy for the money.

The company has good support, it offers a 30 days parts replacement so you don’t have to worry if any component defects.

Lastly, we have the price. The price is something that’s a make or break deal and in our opinion, this thing is very well priced, especially compared to other electric boards.

This thing costs of around $630 USD which is decent looking at the ample features it has! So, it’s something that worth.

12- Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard – 1000W Belt Drive

The Atom B.10 is an electric skateboard that is a budget-friendly electric skateboard that is pretty good for the money, but when you’re selling at this price point you have a few compromises!

Firstly, the build quality. The Atom B.10 is made of wood, but not from the best quality, it doesn’t flex so much as you would expect from one of the best longboards like the Boosted Board.

So, you’re going to feel bumps a little bit as the body of the board has very less flexibility.

So, this is the best skateboard for off road. But the flexibility in our opinion is justified due to the small size of the body of the board.

The size makes it a little bit easier to carry.

The Atom B.10 is a belt driven skateboard and in B.10 the motor is close to the wheel and is more exposed then we would like.

Speaking of the belt.

The belt has a crucial function in this electric skateboard but unfortunately over here we don’t get to see the best quality of the belt.

It will get the job done but sooner or later you will be due for a replacement as the belt might slip or may have issues that could be dangerous. But thankfully that’s a cheap fix.

Let’s get the specs down, folks. The Atom B.10 doesn’t have the best build quality for an electric skateboard but it does have some decent specifications.

The Atom B.10 is rocking a 1000-Watt motor and a 90-Watt-hour lithium ion battery.

The advertised battery life is 7 miles, but it this depends on how fast you go.

While we’re talking about speed, Atom clams that it can go up to 16 miles, which is more than one would want but again that speed depends on one’s weight. Try getting to that speeds with the best skateboard!

Here’s the setback but. Though it has a high-top speed the Atom B.10 doesn’t have very good torque.

Well, it claims that it can go up to 12% grade, but that’s probably when you’re in high speed, but honestly, we doubt that because many people were disappointed that it wasn’t able to climb hills very well. But that low torque is kind of good.

It means that the board speeds up gradually, which is… kind of good.

All that’s cool but can you off road?

Well yes. The motor is more than capable for off reading but you’ll have to upgrade the wheels and the bearings.

And as we mentioned before you’ll be experiencing a lot of bumps.

Coming to the remote.

For controlling an electric skateboard having a remote is very important so you can control the speed and monitor the battery of your board.

The remote doesn’t do anything out of the box. It’s nominal and it looks like the on the best electric longboard, the boosted board.

The remote feels fine quality but it does have a few reliability issues. A few customers reported that the remote did not connect with the board.

But fortunately, the customer service of the Atom B.10 is very good for an electric skateboard for this price.

The customers who had issues got their remotes replaced within just 3 days, which is another plus point for the Atom B.10!

Let’s talk about other miscellaneous features that the Atom B.10 has. For some swag the B.10 has a line of LEDs at the bottom which shine at the road.

These LEDs can switch into different colors like blue, purple and yellow.

You can also set them to switch colors quickly.

One concern that we did have is if they could resist some water getting in.

Another super cool feature about this guy is regenerative braking! Now, this isn’t a special feature for an electric skateboard but it’s a feature that we think every electric skateboard should have.

Now the Atom.B10 is a budget electric skateboard that won’t be winning any awards for the best electric longboard or the best-off road electric skateboard. But that’s due to the low price point.

The B10 is priced at $405 USD which is extremely good for a skateboard with these specifications.

So, if you want something that is cheap and somewhat reliable to get you around the city faster than walking or maybe even cycling then we recommend considering the Atom B.10.

13- M1 Electric Skateboard Inboard Technology

M1 Electric skateboard is the new craze for adventurous, high speed ride.

And it’s being super loved by the new generation who is always excited to try new gadgets which offer high speed and mileage for a spectacularly adventurous ride.

This Electric skateboard will give you a thrilling experience which you have never experienced before.

Here are some of the great features of M1 Electric skateboard

  • This best skateboard got hub motors meaning the motors are inside the wheels
  • This best skateboard has three riding modes that you could change with the remote.
  • Mode three the fastest which goes up to 20 miles an hour
  • Inboard weighs about 15 pounds
  • It has a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Full 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

As mentioned above the battery is user swappable but it’s also really easy to do it you just twist the latch remove the cover pop the battery output a new one in close it up and you’re good to go it’s simple and only takes about 15 seconds from start to finish.

Third, it’s got integrated headlights and taillights white in the front and red in the rear you can’t adjust the brightness or change the colors and the lights are always on when the board is on but it’s definitely a great electric skateboard.

Let’s talk about the remote , there’s a button to change riding modes a safety trigger that has to be engaged to use the throttle and of course the throttle itself. The remote is comfortable and works well no disconnections.

It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge a battery but it’s swappable in seconds, which means you don’t have to wait for long to enjoy your ride and get this you charge the batteries outside of the board and they’re using magnets it’s similar to a Max eight plug on the older MacBook’s.

The inboard weighs about 15 pounds with the battery which really isn’t too heavy.

This best Electric skateboard is super minimal in design you literally cannot tell it’s an electric skateboard at all.

It is amazing the board itself is made up of some really hard composite material and the deck is nice and wide and like regular skateboards, you can totally kick this thing up and walk away with ease.

I think one of the best things about this electric skateboard is it doesn’t have to do with the board at all but this bag inboard includes a bag with pockets for everything.

Coming towards the wheels they are super sticky they’re rubber so you can take turns at high speeds without slipping braking is also surprisingly good the throttle is really sensitive so riding takes some time to get used to.

M1 is the perfect Best electric long board for guys who want to cruise.

around whether it’s to the beach or the parking lots or the roads through the traffic it’s simply a stupendous electric skateboard for a fun loving ride.

You cannot believe how wonderful this M1 electric skateboard is before giving it a try. Once you have ridden on it journeys would be full of adventures and thrilling experiences. This is the best skateboard so don’t think much and buy this electric skateboard for an electrifying and never-ending fun ride,

14- Stakebolt Electric Stakeboard

What is life? It’s all about living it to the fullest having exciting and full of fun adventures, thrilling experiences and trying new things.

In the course of recent years, electric engines have turned out to be smaller and much more powerful than before, while batteries have turned out to be stronger and long lasting — two patterns that have blended and commenced a renaissance in individual transportation gadgets.

So, an electric stake board is a very exciting gadget for people who love to travel at fast speeds and enjoy. Skate bolt electric skateboard is the Best skateboard for you.

Here are some of its great features:

  • It’s made with nine-inch Canadian Maple it’s a 38-inch board now
  • The skateboard is super-fast, has a 25-mph top speed
  • This Electric Skateboard can drive for a long distance,15.5 miles range
  • ABS and regenerative brake can hold on hill and hill start.
  • This best skateboard has a Dual motor 1000W
  • It weighs nineteen and a half pounds
  • This Best electric longboard has a max range of 18.75

It is a little heavy electric skateboard because this electric skateboard has a 6600 milliamp.

It’s super easy to turn on and have some lights as well which is very impressive.

You can go up to 15 miles per hour on this electric stake board.

It’s very comfortable and there is no fear of falling from it as it has an extensive remote which can be used to control the speed.

This Best electric longboard transforms your errands on a weekend or running to this corner store to pick up vegetables into an activity that you look forward to you do all the exact same things that you do on a traditional longboard skateboard except now you’ve got the power to go up a hill at 15 miles.

Electric skateboards come in a variety of colors and sizes and the stake bolt.

Best electric longboard stands out among others because of its big battery and dual motor 1000W. So, coming towards the design it’s beautiful the color scheme kind of reminds me of like Tron Legacy or just the Tron movies are black with the electric blue that’s pretty sick this looks awesome with some blue LED lights.

This Best electric longboard size is 38 inches by nine and a half inches and the deck itself is made out of nine layers of maple the wheels are 90 by 52 millimeters. It has a battery capacity of 6600 mAh and this is what’s really cool about the board.

The LED lights to make this electric stake board more attractive.

If you click the acceleration button on the remote it actually turns them on so that’s a really sick nice features.

I love that, it adds life to the electric stake board. the best part out of this whole board is actually the deck itself the deck is really good it has a nice concave to it and it’s very wide the standing platform on there you have a lot of space for your feet which is important for a rider to maintain balance.

This electric stake board has a very wide wheelbase which means at higher speeds you feel really stable.

The wheels feel very soft and squishy and are capable of absorbing some of the shocks from the bumps on the crack and also since the deck does have a little bit of flex that kind of help with that too but because of that you do get a really nice smooth ride out of the board which is always good.

In this Best electric longboard, I really liked the addition of the built-in lights in the rear it would have been nice to see something in the front. It’s got two bars of battery left supposedly you can get up to 18 miles on the board probably in the slow mode fast mode or mixed riding with hills and stuff like that you could probably make it 10 to 12 miles depending on where you ride and how you ride it but that’s really solid.

The ride is phenomenal it’s got a good mix of great range and speed all thanks to stake bolt for producing the best stake board which gives the rider a memorable experience which is never-ending.

15- Action blink S2 Electric Skateboard

Fast speed, action, thrill, adventure, excitement is a kind of attraction magnets towards the best.

The Action Blink S2 is the super amazing stake board designed for an outstanding thrilling ride.

Let’s have a look at some of the excellent features of Action blink S2:

  • This Best electric longboard has a dual hub motor
  • This Best skateboard deck is thirty 2.2 inches long and eight and a half inches wide
  • The deck is also made of a Canadian maple and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Three Electric skateboard riding modes beginner normal and pro
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • 6-month limited warranty

The wheels are 83 millimeters in diameter and have a 78 a durometer which basically means that they are big soft and should give a very comfortable ride.

As mentioned above this Best skateboard deck is thirty 2.2 inches long and eight and a half inches wide which actually makes it closer to a standard skateboard it also has a slight kick tail which means pivots and manuals are possible on this electric stake board.

This is a high-quality electric stake board in which you get regenerative braking a top speed of 18 miles per hour and the ability to climb up 20% great hills and a max range of 14 miles per hour this, of course, varies depending on how you ride it.you can get a full charge in just an hour and a half which is awesome.

This Best skateboard has a front light a backlight two side lights which are great moreover the deck feels super solid it has no flex to it and instead of a long board it have more of an Electric skateboard feel to it.

It’s actually really grippy you are not gonna be sliding off of this electric stake board.

The deck itself has raised concave edges so you feel really secure and locked in when you’re riding this electric stake board and something that I really love is the fact that has a slight kick tail not it’s not like a super big kick tail where you can actually do Ollie’s and kickflips on it but it’s big enough to do manuals and tic-tacs to go around corners which makes it really easy to lift up the front wheels in case you need a ride off the curb the ride itself is super comfortable.

Well, the wheels are nice squishy soft super good for cruising around and if for any reason your batteries die on you can easily push this thing just like a cruiser board.

There is no resistance at all in manually pushing this thing and like the other hub motor boards making it the Best electric long board.

It’s flat on the front of the back because when you rest it down and you lean it on a wall it’s not going to fall off to the left or to the right as easily.

If you wish to find a skateboard for beginners in an affordable price, you can buy the Acton Blink S2 which is one of the best electric stake board you can get for the cost in any case.

It also has the most optimum design and performance parameters for users from the beginner to the pro levels.

16- Lift board Dual Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard

Have you found your ultimate adventure on stake board ever? I am sure you wouldn’t have if you haven’t ridden the Lift board Dual Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard.

This revolutionary electric skateboard is synonymous with high performance mixed with oodles of fun.

It makes your life far more exciting and thrilling. So, this electric skateboard is absolutely amazing.

Its super fun to ride this best skateboard.

Let’s have a look at some of its  excellent features:

  • 280 mm wheels and they are quite amazing.
  • It gives you 19 miles per hour and 16 miles range which is very sturdy.
  • This best electric skateboard has 1800-watt Motorand 7-ply maple wood deck which is durable and strong
  • One more great thing is the wireless remote in this electric skateboard.
  • A lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 16-mile range

Firstly, this electric stake board is really sturdy it feels really well-made it’s slightly heavy of course there is a trade-off in that you get the good top speed you get some good range most of that weight is in the battery.

One of the big things in this electric skateboard is that you would love is the thing that really makes that weight, not a big issue it is the handle on it there’s a handle almost in the middle of the board which a big plus.

I’m going to go piece by piece so starting with the deck it is really solid which is great and once you start riding this skateboard.

Let’s talk about the wheels the wheels are very comfortable and good quality big wheels with these wheels you can go at high speeds which is astounding.

The main thing in this best stake board is the trigger which is right here or the throttle this goes up goes down and whenever you let go it goes back to that center position there are a bunch of indicating lights on the side here so you have the controller battery level which is just the bottom light you have the entire board battery level which is all.

Three of the bottom lights and then the two lights up here dictate whether you are in beginner mode or fast mode and then the button up here is for power it’s for switching beginner and fast mode. You can also switch this board into reverse using this button as well.

I’ve been really impressed with the top speed electric skateboard in this the acceleration which is quick the braking which is smooth and then range which seems to be top-notch.

This best stake board is  one of the most important things in addition to the lip board  you will need is the remote control   increase speed decrease speed it does say charge before first use does not write the lip board on a low remote battery or low board battery so the lip board does need four hours of charge.

There are some lights over here in green and red which are very attractive. You actually do get an extra belt which is good because this is a belt system. This best electric skateboard has 1800-watt motor and 7-ply maple wood deck which is durable and strong.

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard that is good quality that goes fast has a long range and that isn’t going to kill your budget this is definitely the one for you I highly recommend as this is the best stake board it as it would make your ride enjoyable. It will provide you with a thrilling experience which you have never experienced before.


Okay, I know that that was a huge list of electric skateboards, and if you’re looking for the easy answer, here it is.

The Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + Standard Range Electric Skateboard and Boosted Dual+ 2000w Electric Skateboard is the best electric longboards on the list and rank the highest. If you’re looking for something reliable with a high ranking overall, these are definitely the ones you should go for.

You may have to save up a bit but you know for sure that these will last you ages and you’ll have a revolutionary experience with them, maybe never even be able to go back to another board.

Once you feel these, you know exactly why they’re loved amongst so many people.

Boosted also ship to a number of countries so you should be able to find yours somewhere in the list and get your hands on these best off road electric skateboards even if you don’t live in the USA.

The international shipping the brand provides has made it easier for skaters around the world to enjoy the activity without the hassle or disappointment of finding that your favorite brand doesn’t ship to your country.

All in all, Boosted has some high-quality boards in every way, whether it be their performance or just the looks.

And there’s plenty of room for customization too. To wrap it all up, the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual + Standard Range Electric Skateboard and the Boosted Dual+ 2000w Electric Skateboard are the best in the market currently and have been for a while.

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