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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review 

9.5 Total Score

New controller
Battery life
Build quality
Safe to fly
Ease of use
Flying modes offered
  • Excellent camera
  • Good battery life
  • Class leading obstacle avoidance system
  • Modest improvement in flying time
  • Slightly expensive
  • Same design language
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DJI (a well-known Chinese drone manufacturer) recently revealed their new Phantom series drone

‘Phantom 4 Pro Best Review is here

The drone basically targets advanced flyers with its enthusiastic feature set.

Initially Phantom 4 Pro may not seem that interesting but actually, it does have an attractive set of features to differentiate itself from phantom 4.


The drone carries the same design used in the previous Phantoms. A big white drone made out of plastic, with sturdy legs. Nothing has changed much in this regard. With the Phantom 4 Pro now we have smart sensors equipped on both sides. This combination makes Phantom 4 Pro obstacle free from almost any side. With the addition of new smart sensors, the drone would automatically stop when it recognizes an obstacle not only in front but also at its back. This makes phantom 4 pro ideal for Indoor scenarios.

Beneath the drone, there is a new camera system mounted on the same 3-axis gimbal.

Moving forward we have the new intelligent flying battery. This battery is high capacity 5870 mAh in rating. Therefore, Phantom 4 Pro now can fly up to 30 minutes which is definitely a bonus.

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The Camera department is something where DJI have really done a wonderful job. The camera system has been updated to fulfill the demands of advanced shooters. It can now shoot 20-megapixel high-resolution images and 4k video up to 60fps at 100 Mbps bitrate.

Moreover, it now offer’s variable aperture from f2.8 to f11 so no need to carry out any sort of ND filters for daylight shots. The major improvement here is the new sensor size; it’s now 1 Inch MOS sensor instead of ½ Inch (Normally found on such drones).

Obviously, the bigger the sensor, the more light it will capture resulting in more detailed and crisp shots.

This big sensor will also help Phantom 4 Pro capture better low-light shots and videos than Phantom 4.

The new camera also has actual mechanical shutter mechanism which will help resolve the rolling shutter issue.

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Other bells and whistles:

Other than these major add-ons, Phantom 4 pro has some neat features too.

It has now autonomous flying feature and same tracking capabilities like Mavic pro.

It can easily identify obstacles like cars and people.

Draw feature is one new edition. You just have to draw the line on the screen and Phantom 4 Pro would automatically follow that path. With Tap to fly, just tap anywhere on the controller, the drone would start flying in that specific action. Return to home feature has been improved. Now Phantom 4 Pro will make its own short and secure route based on the environmental conditions when you press return to the home button.

There is also a ‘plus’ model which comes with the controller with built-in Full Hd monitor. It uses the same Lightbridge technology. This new remote can now stream live at 1080p.

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Phantom 4 pro does surprise us with its neat set of features. Such as the camera, a much-needed improvement in the Phantom line-up. Better obstacle handling with the addition of new sensors and last but not the least a beefier battery. It does offer some optional features such as the new controller.

On the other hand, it may not seem that portable like Mavic pro and the hefty price tag can be an issue for some people. In short, a great drone by DJI especially targeted towards advanced and professional users.

Image credits: DR Drones.

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