Hubsan H 501S X4 Review

Hubsan recently revealed their new consumer drone, the all new “Hubsan H 501s X4”. The drone is priced aggressively to target the vast majority of newbie flyers.

The real attraction of this drone is that it comes loaded with GPS navigation system and a full HD camera.


The size of the drone is compact which means that the drone is lightweight and easy to carry. The design language is fairly basic as it is mostly made out of plastic. Good news is that it is powered by brushless motors.

These motors are extremely powerful and last long.

The camera on the drone is mounted on the front nose of the quadcopter but it isn’t stabilized though.

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Considering the price tag of the drone, performance of the drone is excellent. The drone has a decent flying range of 300 meters and hovers really well due to the GPS.

Moreover, the speed of the drone doesn’t disappoint. Given the size of the drone, it can be flown almost anywhere.

The brushless motors also contribute in its safe flight.

Furthermore, the battery life of the drone is pretty well which means you can fly it for a decent time period.

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As mentioned earlier the main attraction of this drone is the built-in GPS. You are able to grab this amazing feature at a reasonable cost though and this factor makes it even more attractive for the beginners. If the drone gets out of range it will automatically come to the location from where it was flown; thanks to the built-in GPS for this.

Other than this, the drone has some neat intelligent features too, like “Follow me”; the Drone will follow a specific subject or whatever subject you want it to.



The provided controller makes this drone much easier and convenient to fly.

The controller has a built-in screen which displays the live video feed. It has all the basic nobs and few direct controls. The controller also has built in 5.8 GHz fpv system which enables uninterrupted live video feed for up to 300 meters. Furthermore, the battery life of the controller is also good.

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The camera on the drone is mounted right on the front. It is capable of shooting full HD videos on the micro SD card. It can also take stills too. The quality of the video it records is fine. The quality could have been better but if you look at the price tag, then the game has been fairly played.

You are still going to get a lot in a cost too reasonable for the “built-in GPS” and Follow Me feature.

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Hubsan H501s X4 is a great drone for people who are new into this field and are in utter need of a quadcopter that doesn’t cost them a lot.

The onboard camera could have been better but still, It didn’t disappoint us.

Built-in GPS helps a lot in flying outdoors. Features like follow me and return to home makes this drone a safe flying machine for the beginners.

In short, this is a great drone to choose for the beginners!

Images credit: Low Riding

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