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Go Pro Karma Complete Review

With such diverse consumer drone market, it’s hard for several manufacturers to dive into this business. Go pro as a company has a very good track record for making action cameras. Their action cameras are very popular among athletes. This time they decided to get into drone business and recently revealed their first ever drone “the Go Pro Karma”.

Welcome the user friendly drone!


The design of the Go Pro Karma is relatively straightforward. The drone is purely made out of hard plastic and the landing gear beneath the body is collapsible.

Also, the four wings of the quadcopter are foldable. This makes Go Pro Karma amazingly portable too. The size of the drone is a bit large compared to all the other drones we see in the market these days. Moreover, it does not have any sensors even. The size and lack of sensors can be a huge con for the company, though.

Due to lack of sensors, the drone has to rely on the GPS solely for safe flights. Moreover, it is a little heavy too unlike all the other drones which are getting light weight day by day.


The performance of Go Pro Karma is decent enough. In the air, the drone is fairly stable. Due to the absence of positioning sensors, the drone has to rely on GPS only. At times when there aren’t enough satellites available to the drone, it can get bit unstable in air. Though, in outdoor situations, it rarely happens.

The flight of the drone is fairly stable and stays the same in the air too. Due to the absence of positioning sensors, the drone has to rely on GPS only. At times when there aren’t enough satellites available to the drone, it can get a bit unstable. However, if you are flying it indoors, then you won’t have to face this issue.

The top speed of the drone isn’t class leading which again seems to make this drone fall down amongst all the other accessible in the market.


One great advantage of Go Pro Karma is it’s ability to add almost any go pro for the aerial footage. The Karma has a dedicated stabilized camera gimbal which can be detached. Karma basically comes in several combinations. Given the options, Karma can be flown with almost any go pro which makes it stay in the game.

Let’s take hero 4 as an example. It’s a 4k capable go pro camera. The quality of both the stills and the video is stunning. We all know that go pro has been in this business for quite a long time now. Therefore, the quality of these cameras is outstanding.

As Karma has detachable camera gimbal so it’s up to the person which go pro he wants to shoot with. In short, the quality that the user will get, no matter which goes pro attached is going to be fantastic.


Go Pro Karma controller offers everything to fly this drone. The most noticeable feature is that it has built-in LCD monitor.

No need to attach any smartphone for the video feed. It has all the basic required buttons. The knobs are also well made and provide good feedback.

Battery life:

The battery life of Go Pro Karma according to Go pro is 20 minutes. In reality, it can last anywhere between 13 to 15 minutes, which is just average.

The time required to charge the battery is around 1 hour.


Go pro has come up with a good aerial package.

It offers excellent image quality, the bundled controller is fantastic and the performance is also decent for the price. On the other hand, it doesn’t have any sort of sensor on the body for safer flying and also, it doesn’t have that much intelligent flying modes for novices.

All in all, it does offer good value for money in a sense that it has the ability to attach other go pros and is ready to fly out of the box. But if you are an intermediate drone flyer by now; this might not fascinate you that much. I still think that the ability to attach any Go Pro camera with it, makes this drone a great choice!

Here’s the official Karma Introduction Video

Last update was on: May 26, 2018 10:38 pm

Image Credits: Digital Trends, The Verge and Mashable.

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