Do feather dusters work? – Some amazing products that do!

Let’s talk about all the stuff you need to know about feather dusters, if they work or not, how electrostatic duster works, are feather dusters effective and what they consume. Here’s your go to article to know more about feather dusters.

If you are looking for some place to know all about Feather or electrostatic duster for example, how to electrostatic duster work, what do feather dusters eat, are feather dusters effective or do feather dusters work, you are at the right place.

Now, what is a feather duster? Or also known as a fan worm, is a cleaning brush, for dusting purposes and more. Its basic structure is a straw with long feathers attached to it by wire.

However, there is a difference between an electrostatic duster and a feather duster, the feather duster is just a normal piece cleaning while an electrostatic duster cleans by producing charges, and taking away the dust by attracting it towards it self.

How do electrostatic feather dusters work?

The question mostly asked is how do electrostatic dusters work. Electrostatic dusters are the same thing but in a modern version. The attract positively charged dust particles by getting negatively charged themselves.

These negative charges are produced by friction between the duster feathers and the surface to be cleaned. The attraction is minimised by disconnecting the duster with electric charge, and the dust is removed in garbage.

Most people find electric dusters more convenient over simple feather dusters because of the ease the electric dusters pick up dust with.

Do feather dusters work and are they effective?

Speaking of do feather dusters work, some people claim that feather dusters spread dust rather than cleaning it up, this might be true or might not be, let us find out if feather dusters work and are they effective or not.

Feather dusters effectiveness completely depends on what the feather is made of. By this I mean that if expensive feather is used, such as ostriches feathers the product will give excellent results, however if we use cheap synthetic dusters, which are made of chicken feathers and are heavily died we would get really poor results.

So, when the question arises that if feather dusters are effective or not, we must consider the material it is made of, the more you pay for it the better the quality.

In order to make feather dusters work, we also need to follow a technique. The best way is to just swipe it along the surface till the end, and tap the excess dirt off on the floor. You would then want to just vacuum it up.

In order to make your feather duster work, make sure you are dusting every day or the next day, as it is used for little dirt. If you haven’t cleaned a place in months obviously the duster would not pick up all the particles.

Using it everyday or after two days is not a choice as the expensive ostrich feather dusters might not even work on places with pile of dirt.

This is all you needed to know about feather dusters, how effective they are and if they work properly or not. Next, we will be discussing the best types of feather and electrostatic dusters, with the best rates and endless benefits.

Before that, you need to know about something interesting.

There is an animal, Sabellidae, which looks exactly like a feather duster in water. Moreover, people are usually more interested in how it is formed under water, what does it eat and how does it look like.

So, basically it is a feather duster worm, which has a head attached to feathers. It’s quite scary but interesting.

What does a feather duster worm eat?

These giant animals feed on small particles, planktons and water plants. There structure is also formed by these particles and their digestion process is also helped by the water system. Isn’t this interesting?

Lets now talk about the best product you may find in store or online to get rid of that every day dirt on your tables.

Electric feather duster by Toppy Kitchen

No need to wonder do feather dusters work or not if you have this product. This first product has been reviewed a hundred times and it seems to be a lot of people’s favourite.

It is an ideal helping hand you wished you had, perfect for dusting around home that has tiny bristles cleaning dirt away through tiny areas such as a bookshelf.

It makes your cleaning period even more joyful as it is really light weight by the handle that you barely notice holding something.

Moreover, it is an electric duster which makes it even more handy and dusting faster.

Electric Feather Duster New Dust Cleaning Brush for Blinds Furniture Electronics Multifunctional Electric Green Feather Dusters

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Hurricane spin duster by Hurricane

We are now talking about the second most useful product while dusting, the Hurricane spin, it makes dusting more fun and faster.

It actually divides your work time by two.

As you turn on your duster it starts spinning and makes your house clean again.

When you are using a dusting brush, the spinning attracts all the dust particles rather than picking it up from one surface and throwing it to the other.

Moreover, the brush is detachable and washable, you can take it off and wash the bristles to reuse again.

Hurricane Spin Duster Motorized Dust Wand by BulbHead, the Electric Duster That Removes Dust in A Single Spin

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DataVac electric duster

This is a professional product for cleaners around the world and is also used for household purposes.

It is made by using professional canned air methods.

It comes with a detachable box which collects dirt and can be washed off later for reuse. Many workers use it in offices and large, wide areas.

The method is same, charges are used to collect dirt by attracting it. 

Metro ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 120 volt 0.75-HP Electric Blower Duster

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So, at the end, you now know all the types of feather dusters, which one is the best and more effective. No need to wonder do feather dusters work now.

All you need to do now is just open up a laptop or walk to the near cleaning store and grab your products to make your house shine to brand new again.

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