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Best Projector Under 100 Dollars. Find the very cheap and portable Projectors available!

Here, I have some great projectors which are cheap and portable and come within the range under 100 dollars which is a great deal. Our list of best projector under 100 dollars includes Vankyo Leisure 3, Poyank 2000 Lumens Mini and QKK 2200 Lumen Mini HD projector. All these 3 projectors come within 100 dollars which is what anyone can afford. They are simply the best cheap and portable projectors under 100 dollars.  All of these projectors are talked about in great details downstairs.

Best Projector under 100 Dollars:

portable best cheap projector under 100If you are looking for best cheap and portable projectors under 100 dollars then look no further. You will find projectors here that are very cheap and portable.

Here I will tell you about the most recommended models which are highly rated.

So if you want to watch a movie at home or you want to do a presentation at your office I have some best portable projectors for you.

You will get a great portable projector in just under 100 dollars and that’s a pretty great deal.

Find out all about these best cheap projectors under 100 below.


This projector is for an outdoor movie screening event.

It has great picture quality, brightness and the sound.

You can easily stream Netflix through the projector; also you can watch old home movies and flip through photos through the projector.

It will be the best purchases you will make in years that you get under 100$.

You can also use this projector to help load digital designs and transfer them quickly into pencil sketches then into paintings.

It comes with everything you need to get it running, a carrying case, CABLES!

The onboard interface supports a surprising range of formats and the clarity overall replicating a computer monitor is pretty good.

It’s a very light weight easy and portable projector that you are surely going to love with an amazing price under 100$.

Its speaker is very loud and clear. Its company has excellent customer service.

Its sound is great because it has two speakers and you can hear the audio in stereo.

All this in less than 100$ is surely Amazing!

Vankyo is 1st on our list of the best projector under 100 dollars. 

vankyo LEISURE 3 (Upgraded Version) 2200 lumens LED Portable Projector with Carrying Bag, Video Projector with 170'' and 1080P Support,...

$89.99 $99.99
2 new from $89.99
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 16, 2018 10:56 am


You will love this little thing! It has great quality and is very convenient to use.

It costs under 100$ isn’t it just WOW!

It’s great for family reunions and works really well with a loud speaker if in a small room.

It is easy to operate and adjust, and does a good job in regular movies and anime playing.

For the small size you will be surprised in how bright the projection actually is as well!

It comes with everything you need to run it.

You can use this device to connect it to different types of electronic devices, including cell phones and laptops.

This much in no less than 100 dollars makes it very cheap and portable projector ever.

  • It’s the best project you can get in just 100$
  • It has great quality and used very conveniently.
  • Comes with great speakers.
  • Very good for family gathering regular movies even for anime playing.
  • You will be amazed how bright the projection comes out.
  • It can be connected to different types of electronic devices.

Poyank is 2nd on our list of the best projector under 100 dollars. 

POYANK 2000 Lumens Mini Projector- 50,000 Hours LED Projector, HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/SD/PS4/XBOX/TV BOX/Roku Stick/Chromecast/Fire TV Stick/iPhone/iPad/Android/Laptop/DVD/External Speaker Supported, Full HD

1 new from $69.99
5 used from $54.24
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 16, 2018 10:56 am


This projector is very cheap and being mini it turns out to be very portable and easy to carry.

It gives the brighter and wider images perfect for family gatherings.

It’s very to install and setup. It has fantastic image scaling.

It can also support up a 180” screen. It has great image quality.

It has a great price for a great product, which is under 100 dollars.

This projector is very light and the best part is it gives amazing colors.

The projector even gives great clarity. The projector comes with cables, an adjustable stand, and a remote which is also a plus.

It can be hooked up to any phone and you will be able to view any live sporting events. Sound quality is really sufficient; the Max Volume of the unit actually can make you surprised, it’s a lot louder than you can expect it would be.

You can use it to play Dvds, stream Netflix, and also it can be used for offline and even online gaming and performs great for all of those things.

This wonderful and mind-blowing projector is available for you in no lesser than 100$, making it very cheap and affordable for everyone to get.

With everything you need and cost within your range is a good go-to-projector ever.

QKK is 1st on our list of best projector under 100 dollars. 

QKK 2200lumen Mini Projector, Full HD LED Video Projector 1080P Supported, 50,000 Hour Lamp Life with 170" Big Display for...

$89.99 $198.99
2 new from $89.99
1 used from $80.99
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 16, 2018 10:56 am


It concludes that you can easily get a great quality with brighter image projector in less than 100 dollars so why waste money when it can be bought under your desired cost.

Also cheap cost doesn’t make its quality cheap and less wanted.

The quality is maintained and the results are comparatively equal than the expensive projectors out there.

So, instead of wasting time and money on projectors which are easily available the chance of buying these projectors shouldn’t be missed and we can easily save money from buying these projectors in less than 100$.

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