Whats a Popsocket – Is It The New Best Thing In Town?

Whats a Popsocket – Finally, a thing has appeared that stops you from dropping your phone! Popsocket is an innovative little tool that lets you control your phone. It is a compact, adhesive attachment that serves as a stand, and a handle for phones, tablets and more.

With Custom popsocket, you can be more on the go while using your phone, reducing the risk of text errors and screen damage. They provide a convenient and useful way for companies to customize them to be a gift to employees and customers, used by recipients every day. It’s just a thing you never knew you needed, but now it’s hard to imagine a life without it.

They are a useful and chic accessory for electronic devices. This adjustable handle for smartphones and tablets expands and collapses with an accordion-like mechanism. The mechanism “jumps” when you chat on the phone, ask a friend, watch a video, or get a better grip on your smartphone, tablet, or eReader. It’s easy to use if you just click on it and it will pop up to create the grip area.

The popsocket custom design has two “pop” levels that meet your needs and convenience and made by soft and hard plastics that expand and collapse more than 12,000 times! When the popsocket releases itself from its base, just snap it back together.

You will never drop your phone again unless you are really clumsy. PopSockets are the next big trend. Therefore, you probably want to know what they are. People who do not want to drop their phones use them.

Popsockets consist of three parts, a flexible, accordion-like shaft, a decorative disc and a circular base that sticks to your phone. It’s still unclear what the “socket” part of the name means exactly. A more accurate one would be Grip Suckers, though admittedly it does not have the same ring.

A good time to use a popsocket could be when you work your way through a busy crowd as you write SMS, do a selfie in a non-carpeted room, or film a furious protest. You can also use them to support your phone while watching a video, or sticking two and wrap your headphones around them.

All characteristics are there for popsockets to have similar success – they are cheap, popular with celebrities, have a funny name and come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

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What trends have they actually grown out of?

You may have noticed that phone cases have become bigger and more extravagant, and more and more people have opted for big rubbery Totoro faces, galaxies, silicone fries, and huge Stella McCartney lips. However, the most obvious predecessor to popsockets is the smartphone grip that the author has discovered in the hands of New York’s hippest and most awkward citizens. However, the grip does not count as a big trend. Popsockets have style and functionality on their side, giving them a head start in the race for the biggest new trend.

And well, if you were looking for one with donuts, here’s where you’ll find that or even ones with just glitter, which seem to be quite a popular choice for the women out there.


The cool custom designs make them the best smartphone stands on the market today. The average person uses their phone more than 50 times daily. The Popsockets are flattened on the back of a device or housing with its interchangeable, repositionable gel.

Once expanded, the Popsocket becomes a mobile stand, a photo or SMS handle or just a funny fidget. Also, check out the new beautifully designed custom aluminum popsockets.

Where to use

Add a single popsocket or a pair of popsockets on the back of almost every mobile device to transform its features. Popsockets “pop” when you need a handle, a stand, an earplug management system or just something to play with. While popsockets do not stick to all housings and devices – especially those made of a waterproof coating or with silicone – they remain with most typical devices and housings. Whether you place popsockets on your Nintendo 3DS for games, your GoPro for an extra grip in the water or on your bedroom mirror to hang jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

Add a single popsocket or a pair of PopSockets on the back of almost every mobile device to transform its features. Popsockets “pop” when you need a handle, a stand, an earplug management system or just something to play with.

What’s a popsockets grip?

PopSockets grips are fashionable accessories that allow you to transform your mobile devices. PopSockets handles provide a secure grip for SMS or snapshots the perfect selfie, and support your phone for retrieving the latest videos. Simply “pop” & expand one whenever you need a grip or stand for those brilliant pictures, videos or posts.

How is it made?

Each skin is carefully created with a comprehensive three-layer production process using 3M materials to ensure the highest quality end product. It starts with a patented Air-Release Adhesive carrier that prevents air bubbles from forming during the installation process. Once the artwork is printed by our state-of-the-art equipment, we apply a crystal-clear lamination layer to our soft mat that protects your skin from everyday wear and tear as well as your device.

Can you clean popsocket?

Wash the base of your PopSocket with water and let it air dry to restore its original tackiness. (But do not let your PopSocket hang on for days – if that happens, the glue dries out permanently.

What is a popsocket holder?

Your PopSocket will simply snap into and out of your PopSocket holder for hands-free viewing. The PopSockets mount is attached to surfaces with a 3M VHB adhesive for single use. it can be removed without leaving any residue with fishing line or flossing. An extra 3M adhesive is included

Is popsocket waterproof?

Popsockets “pop” if you need a handle, a stand, an earplug management system or just something to play with. … While PopSockets do not adhere to all devices and housings – especially those made of silicone or with a waterproof coating – they stay with most typical devices and housings

What does a popsocket hold?

You can stick Popsockets to your MOST phones, tablets, and cases. They sometimes have problems with silicone, leather, and water resistant materials, as well as some heavily textured tablets, cases, and vaulted cell phones.

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