How Much Is An Amazon Echo? How Does It Work? & All Variant’s cost

So how much is an amazon echo? Well the cheapest model of Amazon Echo (The Echo Dot) comes at $50. If we talk about how much is the cost of other variants of amazon echo then, the Amazon Echo or just mostly called echo costs $100. Echo Plus costs $150. Echo Spot at $130 and the most expensive variant, the Echo Show costs $230. How much can you get out of these models of amazon echo is all in the following article.

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Home automation has long been a dream of engineers and everyone else. It imbues a modern, technological feel to living. The reliance on technology may be looked down upon but we need to realize its power and versatility too. The steps taken towards automation in the past were expensive, bulky and unattractive.

This put off development and public interest in this field. It wasn’t only recently that machine learning was revived and research proved it beneficial. By automating common household tasks, people can spend time and attention towards things that really matter. Home automation paves the way for electronic integration into human life which is beneficial in the long run.

What Echo Dot Is

The Echo Dot is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. It’s a speaker designed to assist a user by automating common household tasks. The Echo Dot is the smaller version of its bigger sibling, the Echo. Tasks such as playing music, answering calls, online shopping, ordering takeout and much more are now effortlessly done using the smart voice recognition system Alexa.

How Does Echo Dot Work?

Alexa is a smart operating system designed to assist the user by learning algorithms and patterns in voice commands to efficiently execute orders. Gone are the days where ordering pizza required a phone call. Echo dot, using Alexa, can remember your order. You can set your order once, the “usual”, and Alexa will order for you. Alexa is a cloud based OS, meaning it can connect to a cloud which all other Amazon Echo Dots are connected. This helps in recognizing global and regional trends and preferences to make online shopping and such easier.
The Amazon Echo Dot needs to be connected to the internet at all times. This is done using Wi-Fi. It is through the internet it can connect to the cloud to process voice commands.

The Amazon Echo Dot is designed to be as user friendly as possible. The echo dot can be placed anywhere around the house. Multiple Amazon Echo devices can be used, as they can all interface with each other. This ensures optimal coverage throughout the house. The Amazon Echo Dot can play music through its on-board speakers, although it can connect to a compatible sound system as well.

The Amazon Echo Dot has a compact and attractive design which makes it suitable for any room, irrespective of the décor. It makes for an ideal and functional upgrade for any home. Another addition is a set of volume buttons to the top of the device. The big Echo has a dial at the top that served as the volume knob.

Given the Dot’s small dimensions, however, it makes sense that such functionality hasn’t made it. Lastly, it is now powered via micro-USB, as opposed to a power plug. There’s no built-in battery, but this is in keeping with a device that’s aimed at home use. There is a small speaker built into the Dot but this is in place so that the voice assistant, Alexa, can answer you. For suitable audio quality, you have Bluetooth and 3.5mm outputs, which mean you can connect Alexa to almost any sound setup.

Alexa works through a cloud-based machine learning algorithm, this means that Alexa can adapt to and learn the user’s vocabulary, accent and speech patterns over time. This ensures voice commands are recognized accurately. The cloud-based system enables stronger, more efficient processing of voice commands as compared to local unit, which would require massive amounts of power to process even simple commands.

The cloud-based system gives way to machine learning, the more people use Echo, the more accurate and quick it gets. This adaptive, friendly nature makes it easy to use and incorporate it into our daily lives. The chosen activation word, “Alexa”, “Amazon”, and “Echo” puts the device into listening mode. Alexa could then be asked basic questions like “What’s the weather forecast” or “What’s the score for the Bills game” and Alexa will respond accordingly.

The search engine used by Alexa is Bing. The Echo dot comes with seven microphones which are designed to receive the users voice from anywhere across the room. These microphones are supposed to be unaffected by ambient and intended noise like music or television. The grouping of smart home devices has also been improved which makes it a lot easier to control multiple devices (from multiple manufacturers) with just one command.

Again, if you want to smooth out your smart home then you may want to opt for the Amazon Echo Plus which offers even more simplified smart device discovery and essentially does away with many a smart device hub, thanks to its ZigBee integration. Echo devices come with “skills” which are commands that enable it to control and connect to other smart devices around the house.

The skills supported are popular connected-home brands such as Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue and IFTTT, as well as platforms from WeMo, Insteon, Lutron, Honeywell and Ecobee. The skills by themselves are many but the ones which are really useful are quite less. You can schedule an Uber, add items to your to-do list, order from and so on. New skills can be added using the downloadable mobile app.

All Echo devices come with a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be used to connect it to external speakers. This is great for parties and audio enthusiasts who would like to connect it to their Hi-Fi audio system. The Echo also comes with Bluetooth which can be used to connect to devices further away and are movable.

Multiple Echo devices can be placed around the house. This gives each room its own device which can be used to connect to smart appliances in that room. Since the Echoes can connect to each other, it will also be possible to control other room’s devices remotely.

Echo Dot Specs

• Size: 32 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm.

• Weight: 163 grams.

• Connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 and 5 GHz networks.

• Bluetooth: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from your mobile device to Echo Dot or from Echo Dot to your Bluetooth speaker. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of connected mobile devices.

• Audio: Built-in speaker for voice feedback when not connected to external speakers. 3.5 mm stereo audio output for use with external speakers.

How much is an amazon echo – The other variants

Currently, the Amazon Echo comes in five variants:

• Echo Dot: Echo dot is the smallest in the Echo series, it has basic functionality like the ability to stream music (Spotify, Amazon music, Pandora, etc.). It also has a 3.5 mm audio out jack that can be used to connect to external speakers. There is also support for free audio calls to US, Mexico, and Canada. All versions of the Echo have the ability to connect and control smart home features like lighting, electrical appliances, air conditioning and much more. When it comes to how much is an amazon echo dot, the price is $5 and it’s the cheapest of all.

• Echo: This is the standard model in the Echo series. Over the Echo dot, it has better speakers. Specifically, it has 2.5″ woofer and 0.6″ tweeter which are supposed to deliver a clear, room-filling sound. It is also customizable, coming in six finishes with both metallic and fabric accents. It has all the features of the Echo Dot, except the compactness. When it comes to how much is an amazon echo, the price is about $100.

• Echo Plus: The Echo Plus is an upgraded version of the Echo featuring additional connectivity and support. It is bigger in size and has enhanced audio processing. It has a built-in smart hub that can discover and configure smart devices across your home. This relieves the hassle of installing and pairing each device with your hub, allowing easy control from one device. When it comes to how much is an amazon echo plus, the rice is about $150.

• Echo Spot: The Echo Spot has a different approach to automation, in that it has a circular screen. The screen could be used to make video calls, monitor compatible security camera feeds and video chat, yes, video chatting is possible due to a built-in webcam. The screen also provides functionality by adding an additional interface through which smart devices may be controlled, even if they are on the other side of the house. The screen could also be used to see the weather forecast, listen to songs with lyrics and see news briefings, providing a convenient platform for information without the hassle. When it comes to how much is an amazon echo spot, the price is about $130.

• Echo Show: Echo Show is an enhanced version of the Echo Spot. It has a bigger, 7.0 inch rectangular screen and support for amazon video. Instead of the normal 7 microphones, the Echo Show has eight beam-forming microphones that sensitive and feature noise cancellation. The big screen could be used to effectively control smart home devices and display pictures and video clips with ease. When it comes to how much is an amazon echo show, the price is about $230.

In Conclusion

The Amazon Echo is definitely a step in the right direction. Home automation has the potential to be integrated into our day to day lives and by bringing this at home, we can help develop the world of machine learning for the better.

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