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3DR Iris Plus Review

8.5 Total Score

One of the Fastest drone for it's class.

Build quality
Feature set
Ease of use
Battery life
  • Easy to fly
  • Snappy and responsive
  • Affordable
  • Average flying time
  • No on board camera
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3dr robotics, a well know drone manufacturer, revealed their new budget friendly drone “3DR Iris Plus”. The drone is easy to fly, has decent future set for the price and can accept a third party camera for aerial filming.

Let’s take a look if this drone is worth the price or not.


The design language of 3DR Iris Plus is pretty straightforward. Drone is mostly constructed out of plastic including the center hub and four wings. There aren’t any sensors placed under the drone as it is more of a budget drone. The propellers can be easily attached and are powered by brushless motors. Inside the center of the drone hub, resides the battery.

Overall, the build quality of 3DR Iris Plus seems fine considering its price.

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3DR Iris Plus is an easy to fly drone right out of the box. Connect the battery, attach the propellers and you are good to go. As 3DR Iris Plus has Gps on board, therefore, it’s safe to fly in the air.

The stability is also good and the drone can easily hover at its place in the air. The top speed of this quadcopter is great as tt can reach speeds up to 40Mph without any issues. Moreover, the drone remains responsive and stable in air.

3DR Iris Plus can be flown easily up to 1 kilometer in the air. The drone also comes pack with few autonomous flying modes such as the geofence, mission planning and follow the leader. All these modes work well and make the whole flying experience much enjoyable.

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3DR Iris Plus has no onboard camera. Users can attach a separate camera, though. Most probably a Go Pro. For this purpose, 3DR Robotics offer a dedicated 2 axis gimbal which can house a go pro easily. It’s a decent solution but costs extra money.

In short, if you want aerial shots with this drone then this is the only solution and the quality of the footage will depend on the camera being used.

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3DR Iris Plus May does not have a dedicated camera on board but it does come bundled with a dedicated controller. The controller also has a built-in LCD, which displays the necessary information of the drone.

Other than this, the controller does have direct controls for convenience. The main two sticks are made out the plastic, no rubber coating here. The left one controls the throttle and yaw and the right one is for the direction. The controller uses AA batteries instead of a rechargeable one.

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Battery life:

The bundled battery is 5100 mAh in rating and can last anywhere between 15-20 minutes. Just a slight short compared to other competitors.

The charging is around 45 minutes per battery, which is pretty standard for budget drones.

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3DR Iris Plus is a fun to fly the drone, has excellent speed for its class, the built-in flying modes works well and the added Gps makes this drone safe to fly.

On the other hand, it has no board camera and the short flying time can be an issue for some but for the price tag 3dr robotics have offered a good compelling package. For people who are looking for great ariel photography, this drone might not be a great option as they will have to spend a lot extra money.

Image Credits: All The Drones.

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